The enlightened leader : an introduction to the chakras of by Hoopen, Peter ten; Trompenaars, Alfons

By Hoopen, Peter ten; Trompenaars, Alfons

With the beautiful public instances of management long gone awry, the quest is on for one of those management that includes human values in an in a different way exploitative enterprise global. during this booklet, the authors take the scalpel and handle deeply ingrained nefarious administration conception, and convey tips to therapeutic, beginning clean fields of ambition, new levels of ardour, and creativity. A synthesis of the simplest Western considering and jap knowledge teachings, the e-book introduces "The Chakras of Leadership," a version of management that differentiates seven degrees of human strength use

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The charismatic CEO, was on the road much of the time, attending conferences and functions all over the country, and between these social obligations and his managerial duties had little time 32 The Enlightened Leader left to show his face in his own organisation. When he did, he was not very directive, believing and preaching that all that people need to develop their talents, is to be given the freedom to do so. During the pre-presentation we showed him the assessment results, with their loud call for leadership.

There is nothing scary or woolly about this, because the only effect is, that one 34 The Enlightened Leader becomes more aware of what is. Nothing will happen during the process that was not already happening before you became aware of it. In other words, you have nothing to lose, but much to gain. There are no visions involved, at most a few visionary moments. You don’t have to start wearing pink robes or burn lots of incense. To many corporate readers this may come as some relief. The type of enlightenment we are concerned with here is marked by a level-headed, pragmatic view of what is going on in the (business) world and the advantages will be argued in a rational manner, without the need to believe anything at all.

So don’t expect us to hand you a magic key that suddenly gives you access to a whole new world – a world in which you are both perfect and happy, a blessing to mankind. So leave that saint’s gown on its hanger for the moment … Still, reading this book does not have to be a waste of time, because even if the authors have no magic key, there may be magic cues, some perhaps passed on unintentionally, as occurs in novels all the time. The magic is not in the sending, but in the receiving. The magic is in being open, in allowing information to sink in.

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