Living the Changes by Joan Turner

By Joan Turner

Dwelling the alterations explores the character and volume of women's altering realities. The individuals contain writers, artists, lecturers, highway little ones and social employees, and diversity in age from 9 to seventy-three. Their themes replicate the variety and complexity of the troubles of latest girls birthing and getting older, physique photograph, tradition, medicines, violence, sexual abuse, prostitution, reproductive know-how, and spirituality.

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The Debate is the paradigm of masculine culture. Identify two opposite points of view, then take a side (no matter whether you believe in it or not) and argue and defend "your side" until you win or lose. A simple example of this is the patriotism to the team proclaimed by professional athletes until they are sold to an opposing team, for which they will then equally and 'loyally" fight- whoops, play. We women ponder something, talk together, review and revise, and then our considered belief may, sometimes, include contradictions.

Many of our musicians were victims of our desire to design a perfect woman's world. Heterosexual performers were made to feel like traitors, lesbian performers who made their sexual preference public were taken for granted, and women whose careers began before or outside the women's movement were seen as having no validity. ) We also failed to recognize cultural, racial and class differences between women. Assimilation was required by all, with one language spoken here. 36 Women's Music / Kuhns The Alliance for the Production of Women's Performing Arts/1'Alliance Femmes et Arts de la Scene, now in its third year, is attempting to address these problems, as well as to unite women in communities across the country.

14 It is poignant reading. The very women who, in centuries past, addressed the exclusion of women, and its results, 22 Worry about "Culture"? / Shannon have themselves been victims of that exclusion process. Their books are out of print, not available to women of our generation to let us know that our perceptions, our pain and confusion, have been shared by others. 15 The way women solve problems, using tongues instead of fists (or technological equivalents of fists), is not known as a behavioural option at negotiating tables.

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