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How to Modify Ford Sohc Engines by David Vizard

By David Vizard

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It also appears to b e good for withstanding 11 or 12 psi boost on a turbocharged engine. However, at about 15 pounds, even the Felpro gasket lets go. Felpro gasket aren't readily available in England but could b e purchased through such establishments as John Woolfe Racing. 3:1. I have never used this gasket but the Holbay name is for some engine builders sufficient to guarantee quality merchandise. When an engine reaches internal pressure levels where all conventional gaskets fail, we have to look at alternative means of sealing cylinder pressures.

The best I can do is to give you some guidelines. Fig. 2-29, covers possible compression ratios on a standard or near-standard engine at one end of the scale to race engines at the other. This graph is not made up of tests performed specifically on one engine; points on the graph were determined from a number of my own engines run at various compression ratios and fuel octanes. Use the curve as a guide. Don't expect to pinpoint the highest compression ratio your engine can use without problems.

On the side of the chamber opposite the spark plug. Let's look at this in more detail to see why these modifications work. One of the principal reasons why airflow past a typical valve is characteristically inefficient is that there is a sudden change in the cross-section area right after the valve. If you inspect a venturi, you will notice attention is paid not only to the approach angle and shape of the venturi, but also the exit angle. As far as most valve seats are concerned, streamlining after the hole is non-existent.

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