Alchemical Studies (The Collected Works of C. G. Jung, by C. G. Jung, R. F. C. Hull, Gerhard Adler

By C. G. Jung, R. F. C. Hull, Gerhard Adler

5 lengthy essays that hint Jung''s constructing curiosity in alchemy from 1929 onward. An creation and complement to his significant works at the topic, illustrated with forty two patients'' drawings and work.

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For only by means of such transferential projection can analyst and analysand hope to "work through'' the resistant and conflictual reality of the signifieds of desire in order to reach its signifying passion. There is every reason to think that something very similar is at work in our dealings with texts, generally, and literary texts in particular. If, at least, by "literary" we mean something akin to what Kant had in mind—and here I come to my second text, on the margins of philosophy—when, in the Pre­ face to the Critique of Judgment he noted that it is "primarily in those forms of evaluation, which are called aesthetic" that we find that "embarrassment concerning principles" in which judgment has no universals to fall back on, in its confrontation with the particular case at hand, except perhaps a certain pleasure.

Perhaps what we should try to think about are ways, not so much of escaping from it, as of, putting it into play; in this case, however, criticism itself might turn out to have a leading role. 3 The Sound of O in Othello: The Real of the Tragedy of Desire Joel Fineman Thus it follows that in love, it is not the meaning that counts, but rather the sign, as in everything else In fact, therein lies the whole catastrophe —Jacques Lacan, Television The sexual impasse exudes the fictions that rationalize the im­ possible within which it originates I don't say they are imagined; like Freud, I read in them the invitation to the real that under­ writes them —Jacques Lacan, Television Iago* I must show out a flag and sign of love, Which is indeed but sign.

And yet, the status of this as-if, of this assumption, proves difficult to determine in any univocal manner. For what does it entail to assume such an Author, while at the same time "knowing" that it is "only" an analogy, a projection of the knowledge we desire? Can such an assumption, which does not or should not constitute a statement about reality, be "really" assumed, as a pure fiction? Were it recognized to be a pure product of the subject, would it still operate to en­ able investigation and thus prepare us to discover the missing "universal" law, rule, or concept?

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